The Voluntears

on Tuesday, 13 September 2016.

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The Voluntears


Top boys, a decent sound, good clobber, making a noise for themselves. We caught up with The Voluntears to ask them a few questions! 


G-C -  Tell us about the band, who's in it

TV - We are an indie/alternative/mod/punk band from the northeast of England. 

Members -
Seamus Edge 
Stuart McGurn 
Mark Dunn 
Adrian Neal 

What inspired the name

The idea behind the name, comes from us  volunteering our time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into being in the band. 'Cos on paper that's what you do, isn't it? And then we added the 'A' to make it different and stand out more. 

How would you describe your sound

It's like a thunderbolt of indie rock 'n' roll, that hits you right in the pit of your stomach. And the catchyness leaves you with nothing left to do, but dance and nod your head.

Where was your video filmed

In a run down estate in Middlesbrough town. The idea behind it, was to show the deprived parts of the northeast. And to make these MP's wake up a little and see what's really happening! Mark drove past the street whilst working in Middlesbrough, and fell in love with the location. 

Will you be releasing any material soon

Yes, we have plans for a single. And then an EP, and then the album.  The fantastic Terry Shaughnessy  (The Universal) will be producing us in Marbella, so this promises to be one stonking record!

If so will it be available to purchase

Yes, we will be releasing the songs digitally on iTunes etc and physically. 

Where can we hear more of the Voluntears

We are on social media sites which can be found on at the foot of the page.

Who are you currently listening to

We all have a broad range of musical genres that we all like. Anything from The Who to Skunk Anansie to Teenage Fanclub to Hyde and Beast and everything in between.

How do you find the current music scene, who are you listening to

Well it's not in a good state is it. It's all out of key singers and quiffs really. No real Rock 'n' roll out there! 

Bands like the universal, arctic monkeys, catfish and the bottle men and the spitfires, theyre our m8's and a great live band

Any gigs lined-up, if so where

Yes, we've just come off the back of supporting Ocean Colour Scene, Shed 7, and the bluetones and we've got gigs lined up at 

Liverpool - jacaranda club 28th oct

London - Spice of life 22nd oct

Middlesbrough - TS one 3rd of Nov

What next from yourselves

A. We are currently learning brand new songs for our new album and touring guys. So come check us out live and support live music, long live rock 'n' roll


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