The Mojo Filters

on Wednesday, 11 January 2017.

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The Mojo Filters


The Mojo Filters website reads that they are a Birmingham based Soul Rock band, they combine 60's and 70's soul with an aggressive rock sound to create a unique musical experience, upbeat and energetic and laid back and smooth in equal measure


G-C - Tell us about the band, who's are the players

TMF - Our band was born with 4 of us coming from a failed project, deciding that a new direction was needed. December '15 Over a skin full at the Bulls Head in Digbeth we formed The Mojo Filters. Within a couple of months we recruited our lead guitarist and never looked back. Mitchell Hinkley is the leader of the band, the songwriter and frontman. Jack Mansell is the man who's riffs and melodies have created most of our songs, he is our fantastic guitarist. Joe Dempster is our experienced bass player bringing massive groove to key songs that shows his amazing talent. Sam Cartwright is our lead guitarist who really should have been alongside Page, Beck, Clapton and Franpton in the 70s. Such a talented guitarist. Callum Dennehy is our quality little drummer who gets better and better by the day and also the good looking one, the bastard.

What inspired the name

The name The Mojo Filters came from Jack. Inspired by the Beatles-Come Together song. "He roller coaster, He got early warning, He got muddy water, He one Mojo filter" what's not to love about a band with a Beatles reference?

How would you describe your sound

We take inspiration from all we love, which individually is very different. You can sometimes hear the influences of The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Beatles, The Verve, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Marr, Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Buddy Holly, Hendrix and of corse David Bowie. That can appear samey however in a song we have called 'The Way I Do' you will hear our 50s-60s soul music inspiration. But our aim is to make funky, grooving rock n roll!

Will you be releasing any material soon

You will be able to purchase our first EP by May. We are fortunate to be working with Alex VR who is producing our music and has been an absolute revelation to our band. He is the 6th member of our band but is free to record bands so any band looking for quality recording and producing find him on Facebook and message him! So do feel free to add us on Facebook and Twitter where we will announce the date of it.

How do you find the current music scene, who are you listening to

Unfortunately we find it hard to find new music at all appealing. There's nothing singing to our soul no matter how hard we try. This is however, a big motivation for our band as we want to aspire to inspire. To bring back the classic music that has been forgotten about by the hipsters and trendsetters of music today who to us are soulless. But we aim to give it a modern twist to get people to either dance or to cry with our songs.

Any gigs lined-up, if so where

We will be back in April onward gigging around Birmingham. To find out where and when that will require a follow on our social media. We are very happy to say we will be playing Glastonbudget the last weekend in May in Leicestershire so be there!!

What next from yourselves

We look forward, as we start 2017, with such energy and enthusiasm and excitement because we know we can be the best in Birmingham! That is our first aim on our way to conquer the world. And when our EP comes you will see why

Cheers to Gabbie Cabbie @SRB Radio (Birmingham) for hooking us up with the band as well as The Mojo Filters for their time. All the best with 2017. G-C

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