The Magic Mod

on Saturday, 24 September 2016.

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The Magic Mod


The Magic Mod is exactly as his name suggests. A crisp dressed magician who combines a love of magic with that of Modernism

We had a chat with the Magic Mod to discuss his new flick as well as what he has lined-up next.



G-C - Since the last time we spoke what have you been up to

MM - Wow, where do I start? It’s been incredible journey so far and I still believe the best is yet to come from me

A new Magic Mod doc/film is due for release, how did that come about

Ally McKenzie, who is a fantastic director got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested in doing a documentary about myself involving magic with my style of mod so I jumped at the chance

Who did you get involved in the doc

Lots of members of the general public from Camden to Brighto, which was really nice. Also Johnny Owen, Vicki McClure, Paul Weller and Martin Freeman who is in the background when I did magic for Paul at his London show. As well as Rufus Brevett and Chris Ramsey.

How did manage to get so many people involved

I was involved in Paul Weller's documentary which is called “One” and is filmed by Andy crofts.. Andy kindly let me use some of the footage for my documentary and it was pure magic. I met Vicki and Johnny at the show I did in London, I’d like to say we got on like a house on fire! Rufus kindly came down to my show in London to see me perform. I’ve known Rufus for a number of years now and I always love to mess his head with my magic. I met Chris Ramsey just at random in Camden and got some great footage with him.

How long did it take to film

I'd like to say about a year as we had to pick up a lot of stuff to edit, plus I had to do a lot of voice over work.

Will there be a premiere

They certainly will be, I'm working on doing a premier in London but at the moment we have one in Ireland where Ally is from.

Why did you choose Ireland to premiere

I've never been to that part of the world and I've always wanted to go. As is said Ally was from Ireland and I thought it was only right that I went there to premiere.

Will we be able to view the doc elsewhere within the UK

I'm hoping to get it out on DVD one-day, however first of all I really do believe I'm going to try and get it on the TV first

Do you have anything else in the pipeline

Yes I'm going to start to do a stage show with lots more DJ sets and really try and get out there and visit places I've never been before. I just want to share my magic with as many people as I can

Thanks for your time Magic Mod 


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