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on Friday, 12 July 2013.

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Steve White



2013 marks 30 years in the business for Steve 'Whitey' White. From The Style Council to The Paul Weller Movement and Oasis to The Who, the boy from Bermondsey has played with them all! Not one to rest on his laurels, Steve now produces as well as running his own drum school 


db - penned a few questions for Whitey all of which can be seen below.




G-C – Steve, been a big fan since the Style Council days. I was at the Live Aid gig and if my memory serves me well you were the youngest drummer on the stage at 18. What was it like to be involved in such a massive gig at that age


SW - It was something that got mentioned to me in Japan by a journalist. They said how does it feel to be the youngest person to have played Live Aid concert? I didn’t really even realise, but it was a nice honour, I still have my backstage laminate on my fridge 



Playing with The Who at Live8 must have been fantastic. How was it to play with such a huge band


Another crazy, surreal experience. We spent very little time around the guy’s, just one run through and then went and did it. I saw Pete mentioned it in his book recently as an incendiary concert which was nice to hear 



It’s well documented who your favourite drummers are Steve, but who is your main creative influence as a drummer


I still have the old faves list, Buddy, Louie Bellson, Philly Joe, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Bernard Purdie and the MGs, the usual. 



Where did you buy very first full drum kit from


My first really great drum set was from a lady who found out her husband was knocking around with another woman. As an act of revenge she sold this beautiful new pearl kit and cymbals to me for virtually nothing. You can see it on the first Style Council appearance I done.



As a Bermondsey boy Steve you must have been out and about watch various local bands. Who are the ones back in the day that you remember the most


Blimey. I saw Dire Straits in Deptford, Squeeze, Madness, The Bureau loads of times, Nine below Zero, The Truth, Level 42 as well as Dizzy Gillespie at the Woolwich Odeon ( how mad’s that ) 



Steve as Paul Weller’s drummer for so many years you must have many good memories can you share some with us


It was a great time with Paul until it came to a natural conclusion. The whole period between 89 and 96 was just incredible! The first solo album, Wildwood through to Stanley Road, didn’t get much better. 



Standing in for your brother Alan with Oasis must have a few memorable moments as well


I had a great time on that tour, just a shame the whole thing ended in such bad blood all around. After that there was always going to be one outcome 



Moving on to more recent times can you tell us how Trio Valour came about


We started touring in 2008 and were going great guns, then Damon had a terrible accident that stopped him playing for a while. The band kind of stopped in its tracks while he recovered , then Record Kicks asked us to do some shows for their 10th anniversary. We put the news out we were doing some shows and it just went mad. We have show’s booking into next year now which is amazing 



Steve can you give me your top ten albums of all time


Wailing Buddy Rich 

Four and more Live - Miles Davis 

Fresh - Sly Stone 

Moanin - Art Blakey 

The Stone Roses 

First take - Roberta flack 

The Kick inside - Kate Bush 

The Who Live at Leeds 

In from the Upside - John Coltrane 

Our Favourite shop - The Style Council 



Lastly Steve thanks for taking time out to do this interview for Griffiths-Clothing. Who are your favourite new bands around at the moment, signed or unsigned


I hear a lot of new stuff via my kids. Things like Knife Party, Skrillex and tunes with things called massive drops in them. I really think that in the urban / dance scene there is some really interesting stuff happening. I have worked with some great young artists like Sam Gray, Kristyna Miles and Pete McLeod up in Glasgow. But a lot of the bands that blokes my age like I just dont get. I also like an Electronica duo called I am a camera, the lead singer is fantastic.


Cheers SW



Thanks for your time Whitey! G-C




STEVE WHITE  and friends June 29 Luddstock festival
TRIO VALORE - Preston Aug 22
STEVE WHITE and friends Derby Aug 23
TRIO VALORE - Brighton Aug 25

TRIO VALORE - Stourbridge Aug 29
TRIO VALORE - Cardiff Aug 30
STEVE WHITE and friends London Sept 5
TRIO VALORE - Newcastle Sept 6
TRIO VALORE - Stafford Oct 25
TRIO VALORE - Harlow Nov 22
TRIO VALORE - Birmingham Nov23


Check the Trio Valore Facebook page below for up to date confirmation.





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