Maze (Gary Davis)

on Sunday, 18 December 2016.

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Maze (Gary Davis)

Good mate of hours Gary Davis has formed a new band with his old sparring partner Paul Bassom. The band are called Maze, they release their first single "Groundhog Day" on all digital platforms 18/12/16. So, without further a do we caught up with Gal to ask him a few questions. 


Tell us about the band, who are the players, what inspired the name 

It all came about through me approaching Paul Bassom (The Theme) with a song I wrote and wanted to do something with. I don't play an instrument so Paul done the magic on the music side. We were lucky to have Dante (Who's Next, check’em out 100 club gig 23rd December), Grant Judges (The Aim) and Darren Cade. The name Maze is due to the diverse sound and different musicians we have.

How would you describe your sound

Because the band is more of a recording project, we'd like to get other musicians involved. This means we will have different influences from the boys, so the sound will be varied. The debut single is a nice mix of Britpop (Stone Roses/Ocean Colour Ccene etc), with a touch of Northern Soul.

New release "Groundhog Day" what are the lyrics based on, who wrote the track.

I wrote this song, it is about being stuck in a dead end job in this modern world but telling people that you're the only one who can change things. It is down to you to make things happen.

Where was it recorded

The song was recorded at Earvision studios in Bromley, Kent

You also have a new video to accompany the track, where was it filmed.

The video was also filmed at the studios in Bromley.

Who are you currently listening to

New stuff, not much really, a band called DMA's I really like, listening to The Cribs, The Rifles and always listen to my 90's stuff, Oasis, Shed Seven, Cast etc.

How do you find the current music scene

To be honest I don't know much about the current scene, especially main stream. I still say the manufactured rubbish like X Factor has made music on a whole an embarrassment. Fair play to bands like Blossoms, DMA's trying to bring back Indie but to me the underground scene is so much better. Bands like The Aim, The Theme, Sisteray, Spitfires, The Voluntears and so many others, these bands should get the support.

Any gigs lined-up, if so where

At the moment no gigs lined up but the reaction we've had already I would not rule it out for next year.

So, what next from Maze

Well it all started as a one off single but as I mentioned the reaction has been terrific. The lads that got involved are up for future projects so looks like a 4 song EP is in the pipeline

Cheers in running with the interview Gal… All the best for 2017…

Cheers and thank you for the support.


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