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Ramping up a lot of noise are Leicester based Gazelle.. Their Facebook page says that they are: Four working class lads uninspired by today's music charts, writing real music. Brought together by a mutual love of British Subculture.

Let's see what they are all about then


G-C - Tell us about the bands, who are the players, what inspired the name

Gazelle - We're a 4 piece 'Rock 'n' Roll' band from Leicester, Ryan Dunn on vocals and guitar, Ben Gooch on Guitar and BV, Richard Sorbi on Bass and BV and Danny Wright on drums. We've had been after a name for a while now and knew we wanted it to be one word. Ben suggested Gazelle in the practice room and we went for it!

How would you describe your sound

We sound like the kick in the arse that the music scene needs at the minute!

Any news on an EP

We've just recorded a demo EP that we will be putting online soon and we will be knocking out for free at our gigs, but we plan to get an official release out by the end of the year....

Where will the EP be available to purchase

Get yourself down to our gigs for a freebie EP!!!!

New vid, where was it filmed

It was filmed while we were doing a live session at an old army barracks, somewhere near Northampton....

Where can we hear more from Gazelle

You can start by getting down to the gigs that we will be playing up and down the country. We're planning on hitting it hard next year. And you can listen to our tracks on our YouTube channel.

Who are you currently listening to

DMA's, Dexters, Fronteers... And Danny our drummer loves to blast out some Ricky Martin when he's at home.. haha!

How do you find the current music scene

Have a listen to the lyrics of 'Puppets And Parasites' and you will know our view on it! Haha. There's good bands about they just don't seem to get much of a chance anymore. The music in the charts is boring.

Any gigs lined-up, if so where

We've got our launch gig at the Soundhouse in Leicester on Saturday 10th September.. A fiver a ticket so no excuse! It seems to be Causing a big buzz around Leicester so we can't wait to get on that stage. Gonna be a mad one.

What next from Gazelle

We can't wait to get out there now and show people what we are all about.. Looking forward to getting in a van and making a name for ourselves around the U.K. And getting some festivals booked for the summer

Cheers to Richard Sorbi and the boys, all the best with Gazelle

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